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Bridal Skin Prep: Tackling Dullness & Acne Scarring at The Blossom Rooms

Hello you lovely lot, and welcome to our revamped Blog!

It's safe to say, that Skin Transformations are officially BACK!

Back in October 2019, I started some Skin Prep for a lovely Bride-to-be of mine, Kerensa. Kerensa was worried about her Skin looking textured and uneven on her professional wedding photographs, and wanted to start her Bridal Skin Journey with me.

Like most Bride's, many of my clients feel they want Skin Treatments on the run up to their big day for a number of reasons. Firstly, some 'me' time. Too often you are bombarded with wedmin, spreadsheets and planning, that you often become a little stressed, worried, and neglect time for yourself.

Secondly, routine. Many of my new clients are so unsure at the best of times what they should be doing with their skin, let alone before the biggest day of their lives! By starting treatments, being consistent, and getting professional advice, this is one less thing to take care of, and soon becomes a self-care routine you will love and enjoy!

And finally. The Photographs! They are there forever. You spend a small fortune on them. And you want to look back and feel incredible. So this is where your Skin Journey starts!

With Kerensa, we set a plan in place. A routine at home, some in-clinic treatments, and set a time line. I prescribed Kerensa a course of 4-6 Dermapen™ treatments, to tackle the scarring, and would aim to add a couple of peel's into her routine for optimum G L O W.

2019 passed us by, and then we hit her wedding year! With August in our sights, we couldn't wait. And then the dreaded C-word hit. COVID.

Kerensa at this point was on her fourth session. Without panicking (as we had already had some amazing results!) I set her aside an at-home peel routine, and then booked her in for a facial once The Blossom Rooms could reopen. Nothing like leaving us to the last minute, Bojo finally allowed Close Contact Services to resume, and we were back in business! Kerensa was my first client in for her 24 K Gold Facial, for Glowing Glass-like skin.

The 24K Facial itself is a DREAM. It consists of a Luxury Balm Cleanse, Dermaplaning/Oilaplane, Steam Cleanse, 24K Gold Mask, Mini Mesotherapy, Luxury Gold Facial Oil, and Million Dollar Ice Globes (below). The mask itself also contains real Gold Dust, and your skin is left plump, glowing, and seriously hydrated.

Million Dollar Ice Globes as part of our 24Carat Gold Facial at The Blossom Rooms
Million Dollar Ice Globes

24Carat Gold Facial Mask at The Blossom Rooms
24Carat Gold Facial Mask

We tackled her pigmentation, her scarring, the dullness, and left her looking incredible and feeling it too on the inside.

In total, this took us 5 months (minus lockdown!), and she is now left with permanent results from the Dermapen™.

I've highlighted some of Kerensa's images from her journey below, so take a little peek!

To start your Bridal Skin Journey with us, please feel free to get in touch across any of our social media channels, email, website, or book a consultation today!

Dermapen Microneedling results from The Blossom Rooms
Dermapen Microneedling results from The Blossom Rooms

Image on the left, before any treatment.

Image on the right, days before her Wedding Day. Xx

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Thankyou for reading our Blog, Natalie Kate, Skin Specialist at The Blossom Rooms
Thankyou for reading our Blog, Natalie Kate, Skin Specialist at The Blossom Rooms

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