M E S O T H E R A P Y 



A medical grade injectable treatment delivering the most beautiful skin results, from the inside out.


Seriously Popular with the A-Listers, Mesotherapy offers a flawless and radiant complexion by deeply hydrating the skin. Using a powerful blend of Antioxidants, Vitamins and Skin Boosters, this treatment penetrates so much deeper than any serum, moisturiser and gel. Skin is left supple, plump, hydrated and glowing.


After multiple sessions skin regains its youthful look, radiance and vitality. 

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions do I need?

Typically for a beautiful skin rejuvenation we recommend a course of treatments every 4 weeks between 3-6 months. Results last around 6-9 months and top-ups can be added later for a skin boost.

Does Mesotherapy hurt?

No, although some clients feel a slight sting/tingle. Medical Grade Numbing cream can be used for client comfort if requested.

Are there any side effects?

Slight swelling and/or bruising are the most common side effect, which will subside within one week. Although many clients don’t experience any side effects at all!

What does the treatment involve?

Between 40-300 injections are offered at each session, very close to one another, and distributed evenly across the treated areas. The injections are very superficial and small amounts of product are placed into the epidermis using a very fine needle.

When will I see results?

Skin will have a lovely Glow after, with results getting better and better week by week. Optimum results are usually 6 weeks after a course of sessions.