J A W L I N E 

C O N T O U R I N G 


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Jawlinee Sculpting is a popular treatment with clients with two common aims; to define and chisel the jaw, or to add structure back to the jawline due to ageing.

During the ageing process, jowls can form and the skin around our jaw can sag. A chiseled and defined jawline is an amazing way to create a youthful, structured appearance.

Trained in the safest and most effective techniques, Natalie prefers the use of Cannula around the Jawline, for structure, safety and efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dermal Filler?

Filler is made up of Hylauronic Acid (HA). Hylauronic Acid is naturally found within the body and is a natural substance.

How do I know how much to book?

Natalie can advise each client, as she works on an individual basis. This can always be determined on consultation. On average, we say between 1-2ml, at each side of the face, gives the most natural yet recognisable result.

Why a Cannula?

Use of a Cannula is perfect for the jawline, as it creates a more chiseled, defined look. Above all, from a safety perspective, it allows Natalie to work without the risk of penetrating veins and arteries. The method is comfortable, and extremley safe! Clients often leave feeling absolutely nothing.

Can you tell me what the treatment involves?

On arrival, you will have a full and thorough consultation with our Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner Natalie. She will ensure you are fit and well enough for the treatment. She will also go through your expectations, desires and goals for the service. Topical Anaesthetic is then applied, your filler will then be administrated. A small needle is used to create an entry point, followed by a blunt cannula. This means there is only one entry point for the procedure. Following this there will be massage, use of a bruising cream, a balm applied, and aftercare advice given. Natalie is then on hand for any questions you may have following the procedure.