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Quickly becoming one of the most popular Dermal Filler 'tweakments', Liquid Rhinoplasty is a quick way to achieve big results.

Injectable fillers are used in a safer, more affordable, and gentler way to address concerns with the Nose such as crooked, hooked, flat bridges, or asymmetric noses. The tip can also be lifted!

Balancing the profile, and giving the illusion of a smoother, straighter and smaller nose is created all with the use of Dermal Filler.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dermal Filler?

Filler is made up of Hylauronic Acid (HA). Hylauronic Acid is naturally found within the body and is a natural substance.

How long will results last?

On average, results last between 9-12 months. Maintenance treatments can be booked for longevity!

How long will the treatment take?

Around 30-60 minutes on average. We do sometimes recommend two sittings, for a safer approach and to mimimise risks. However, every client is different and some may just need one sitting, while others need two. If you do require a second sitting, this can take place around 6-8 weeks after your first session. This is for safety and longevity, but not everyone will need this. Second sessions are a discounted top-up rate.

Can you tell me what the treatment involves?

On arrival, you will have a full and thorough consultation with our Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner Natalie. She will ensure you are fit and well enough for the treatment. She will also go through your expectations, desires and goals for the service. Topical Anaesthetic is then applied, your filler will then be administrated. Minimal injections are used in the Nose to reduce swelling and discomfort. Following this there will be massage, use of a bruising cream, a balm applied, and aftercare advice given. Natalie is then on hand for any questions you may have following the procedure.